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Policy and Procedure

The European College of Polytechnics (ECP) upholds a comprehensive set of policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, and instructions to support the achievement of qualifications and services by students, staff, and key stakeholders. These policies align with the requirements of awarding bodies and relevant legislation. The policies of the European College of Polytechnics are readily accessible on the institution’s website ( Prior to admission, it is mandatory for prospective students to familiarise themselves with these policies, demonstrating an understanding and commitment to adhere to them both before and during their studies. ECP regularly updates its policies to reflect changes in legislation and educational standards, and it is the students’ responsibility to stay informed about these updates. The college provides extensive guidance documents and support services to assist in understanding and implementing these policies effectively. Compliance is crucial as it ensures the maintenance of academic integrity, adherence to legal standards, and the preservation of community values within ECP. Non-compliance can lead to disciplinary actions, including potential dismissal, underscoring the importance of adhering to these standards. Through strict policy enforcement, ECP ensures that its community not only meets educational and professional goals but also upholds the principles of ethical conduct and excellence.

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