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Organisational Structure

The European College of Polytechnics (ECP) is proud to introduce our dedicated team, committed to excellence in education, research, and administration. Our organisational structure is designed to ensure that we meet our goals of providing top-quality education and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in various fields.


At the helm of ECP, our leadership team steers the college towards its mission of academic excellence and innovation. The team is led by the director, who is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the college and ensuring its successful implementation. Supporting the Director is the Deputy Director, who plays a crucial role in overseeing the day-to-day operations and assisting in the administration of college policies and procedures.

Academic Division

The Academic Division is the cornerstone of our educational mission, dedicated to providing a comprehensive and challenging curriculum across a wide range of disciplines. The division is headed by the Programme Head, who oversees the development and delivery of our academic programmes, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and relevance. Our lecturers are experts in their fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom and fostering an environment of learning, discovery, and engagement for our students.

Research Division

ECP's Research Division is at the forefront of innovation, conducting cutting-edge research that contributes to the advancement of science and technology. The division is led by the project head, who coordinates research activities and projects, secures funding, and fosters collaborations with industry and academic partners. The project manager supports the project head by managing the day-to-day operations of research projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget.


The smooth operation of ECP is supported by our administration team, which ensures that the college runs efficiently and effectively. The operations manager oversees the administrative functions of the college, from facility management to student services. The accountant is responsible for managing the college's finances, including budgeting, financial reporting, and ensuring fiscal responsibility. The assistant provides essential support across various administrative tasks, helping to maintain the high standards of operational excellence at ECP.

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