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What does work in our institute look like? How can a concept be translated into action, such as participating in research or training activities with people from different backgrounds? At our institute, students can experience the practise and performance of scientific/academic activities.

Intern for as little as one week and as long as three months with our researchers, trainers, and academics. Your internship could cover a wide range of tasks, from brainstorming potential research topics and collecting relevant data to analysing and presenting your findings, or it could focus on providing you with quality experience in the early stages of a company venture. In your official capacity, you will be responsible for facilitating training sessions and assisting in the revision, refinement, and accumulation of training materials for a variety of training schedules.

We're always on the lookout for self-starters who can bring new perspectives and expertise to our teams. In fact, we are seeking dedicated students with a focus on the following fields: Economics, Human Resources, and Other relevant Disciplines.

Send (office@ecp.instituteus your free format application at least a month in advance if possible. Give us an idea of how long you'd like the internship to last. Please elaborate on the areas that most interest you or how you may contribute to the institute. Include a copy of your most recent admission confirmation letter and a brief summary of your academic performance.

The internship pays a stipend of 300 Euros per month for four hours of work per week. Work from home is also available.

We would try quickly to review your application and find an internship opportunity that meets specifications.

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