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‘International Conference on Research in Social Science: Troubles and Trends in Research’

15-16 January 2022, Sillamäe, Estonia



Despite many advances in the discipline, worries concerning problematic tendencies remain pertinent, as social science researchers observe that research trends are evolving quantitatively, qualitatively, or in other ways. Researchers are required to adhere to international standards for research activities on the one hand, as their work is a component of scientific discourse; on the other hand, the freedom of scientific activity has introduced new challenges to the contemporary democratic scientific world, necessitating the development of adequate methodological responses. These changes have resulted in the scientific community being subjected to subpar research and uncompetitive scientific products that suffocate intellectual markets. Thus, it is important to equip and expand research on such specialized themes, particularly from contemporary or traditional points of view, in order to get comprehensive knowledge and critical insights.


Now, the 'International Conference on Research in Social Science: Troubles and Trends in Research' invites practitioners and academics doing research in the social science to present their work and to engage with the scientific community. European College of Polytechnics and its affiliated partners are organizing this academic event with the aim of connecting the trends in/of research from a continental perspective and bringing together academics from across the world to engage in constructive scholarly discussion on a variety of research-related problematic issues.


Abstract/Paper submission


  • Prospective presenters are highly encouraged to submit abstract/paper prior to the deadline of 5 December 2021. The abstract should include details such as the aim, method, results, and contribution, and should be between 250-350 words in length.

  • If a registrant submits a full article, the paper will be considered for publication in the international peer-reviewed journal 'Scholars Journal of Research in Social Science (SJRSS)' (ISSN: 2733-3698) if it fulfills the journal's requirements. Please download full paper templates from here.

  • If the potential presenter is a student interested in presenting his or her bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, PhD proposal or seminar work, he or she is also invited to submit an abstract (250-350 words in length)

  • Regrettably, there is no opportunity to submit/present poster during this year.




To submit abstract/paper please complete all necessary fields and submit this registration form. Besides completing this registration form (if you are participating with full paper) you must also send Full paper to:  

Working language


The working language of the conference is English, which means that the abstract, paper, presentation, and discussion will all be conducted in English.


Important Dates


  • Abstract/Full Paper submission deadline: 05 December 2021

  • Notification/Revision of abstract/paper: 20 December 2021

  • Notification of program schedule and presentation time: 31 December 2021


Conference Venue


Sillamäe Museum, Kajaka tn 17a, Sillamäe, 40231 Ida-Virumaa, Estonia.


The conference sessions will be conducted using the so-called new-normal hybrid format. While it is anticipated that the conference would be physically accessible, registrants may also participate online if they so choose. If, as the event date approaches, circumstances dictate that it is not feasible to meet in person due to COVID-19 restrictions or others, the conference will be conducted online. In addition, if registration exceeds our target, the conference venue may be changed with prior notice.


Participation Fee


  • Attend with abstract only: 30 Euros per presenter

  • Attendance without abstract/paper: 30 Euros per participant

  • Attend with full paper: 80 Euros per paper


The cost of participation is calculated on a per-participant basis, tax excluded. The participation fee includes access to the sessions of the conference and an electronic copy of the Conference proceedings. The deadline for payment is 05 December 2021.

Practical information


  • Presentation rule: After notice of abstract revision, presenters are advised to submit their presentation slides in pdf format. Confirmation of participation will be given only when payment of the participation fee has been received. If the presenter elects to present online, an online conference link will be provided to the presenter's email address, allowing the presenter to attend the conference remotely. The presentation should not exceed 15 minutes in total, with an extra 5 minutes for questions and discussion.


  • Accommodation: Hotel Krunk is a nearby hotel. Alternatively, is accessible to the public. To make things simpler if you do not speak Estonian or Russian, you may consider getting assistance from someone who can communicate in these languages in order to book from locals. Please do not hesitate to contact us (in advance) if you need assistance in obtaining accommodation.

  • City Tour Option: Sillamae, formerly a hidden and restricted city, has many surprises. If you want to hear the city's stories, please let us know. Guides proficient in Estonian, Russian, English, and French languages are available.


  • Visa information: Please consider contacting with the appropriate embassy about the visa-related matter. The conference organizers assume no obligation, sponsorship, or liability for participants' travel arrangements or visas. Participants are responsible for resolving such issues in advance.


  • General terms and conditions: Please find the general terms and condition at this link

  • How to Pay information


Payment option 1 (Online Payment with international debit/credit card):


Kindly click this 'Pay Now' button here. It will take you to the payment page, where you must complete certain details. Please ensure that all mandatory fields are filled and then click the submit button. Following submission, a payment link will be created for you. Pay by clicking the link. Stripe and its affiliated organizations guarantee the security of this transaction.



Payment Option 2 (Bank transfer with SWIFT code):


Please provide our bank details to your local bank


Account holder: European College of Polytechnics OÜ

Account Number (IBAN): EE422200221077326046

Description: Your Full Name (same as passport)

Bank: Swedbank AS; Bank address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia



Please do not hesitate to contact us through email if you have any questions



Host and Contact

European College of Polytechnics

Registration Code: 16291442

Activity License: 22532

Ranna tn 31, Sillamäe, 40231 Ida-Virumaa, Estonia

Phone: 37258919839 (12.30 to 15.30)


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