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It is not an easy task to keep customer service representatives motivated and up to date, but that is just what this course is designed to do. Participants can overcome some of the barriers that hinder them from providing excellent customer service by realizing the importance of providing it. They will also learn valuable stress-relieving strategies to help them remain relaxed while coping with even the most demanding customers on the phone or in person.




Participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the qualities of outstanding customer service

  • Recognize and avoid attitudes that annoy or insult consumers.

  • Learn how to interact effectively and politely with both consumers and peers.

  • Understand multiple consumer behaviour styles and how to respond to each.

  • Understand how to evaluate and boost consumer satisfaction/loyalty levels.

  • Understand how to negotiate with difficult clients.

  • Use stress-reduction tools to ensure the finest customer experience possible.

  • Create a personal action plan to develop customer relations capabilities while working with the general public.



  • Workload: 60 hours classroom + 10 hours practical work

  • Language of instruction: English/Estonian/Russian

  • Duration for Training: According to training schedule

  • Pre-Requisites: Secondary Education,

  • Understanding ability of any of the languages: English/Estonian/Russian

  • Participation Fees: € 600 




Early career practitioners Retail professionals including customer service representatives, retail managers, coordinators Interested persons or anyone involved in improving their basic skills




  • Boost your employability

  • Get Certificate of attendance

  • Direct practical work experience by internship can be attained.

  • Opportunity of getting involved in Estonian retail industry

  • Optimize skills that you already have.




The 70-hour program, which starts in different months of the year, is divided into five modules, with assessments at the end of each module. Students are also required to complete at least 10 hours of practical work/internship outside of the classroom.



Module 1: Managing Customer Support/Service


It's never easy to find out who the clients are. Any customer who want product/service that your company offers will buy it no matter what. In such circumstances, making the offer requires specialized knowledge. Participants in this opening module will discover the characteristics of exceptional client support, which leads to improved profits for the company and personal appreciation for the service providers.


Module 2: Poor and Bad Customer Support


Once participants have a strong grip on the qualities of outstanding customer service, they will dig into the habits that will drive consumers fleeing to the competition. Participants can learn from acts and actions that may cost them a sale, damage company's reputation, or cost them their jobs.


Module 3: Communication style with Customer


This segment of the curriculum is all about communication. Participants in this section will learn how to figure out what consumers want or need even though the customers themselves are unsure. Participants will also learn about how to keep consumers engaged in buying even though what they want isn't readily available.


Module 4: Managing difficult customer and Customer Satisfaction


Developing a loyal clientele usually generally requires a sharp eye for detail, which entails more than just basic linguistic ability. This segment will teach participants how to measure customers' levels of happiness by reading their body language and voice tones. Learners may learn to recognize and control behaviors such as shyness, belligerence, disrespect, and dishonesty in this brief section. Module 5: Stress Management and Service Career Participants would be able to combat some of the more intense stress associated with serving the customer and their impact on the profession by studying a few basic procedures.


Module 5: Internship/Practical Hands-on experience in Serving Customer


Participants in this module can obtain hands-on experience servicing customers. Participants will be provided with the requisite plans, but they are also free to arrange their own internships/practical jobs

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