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Entrepreneurship and Business Plan

Gain the ability to device a business plan, as well as strategize for effectively operating a company ! Total price: € 1200 Total time: 120 academic hours Schedule: Weekend birds/according to calendar

Entrepreneurship and Business Plan
Entrepreneurship and Business Plan

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Jõhvi, Jõhvi, Ida-Viru County, Estonia

About the Event

  • About the course

Making a dream a reality may be a difficult task, much more so if you lack expertise in starting and operating a company. While the majority of individuals who own and operate their own businesses will tell you how gratifying it is, they will also tell you how hectic and difficult it can be. Prior to making any preparations, it is critical that you be as prepared as possible for what is ahead. We've put up this Start Your Own Business course to alleviate your fears and prepare you for the entrepreneurial world. Equip yourself with necessary tools before you begin preparing to ensure your success.

  • Who is this course intended for?

• Those who have always want to start a company but have been overwhelmed by the quantity of information available.

• Those interested in delving into the details of company ownership in order to determine if it is something they really want.

• Existing company owners want to broaden their knowledge base and hone their abilities

• Managers and leaders interested in incorporating business-related concepts and information into their own skill sets.

  • After Math

• Establish a new business

• Enhance the operation of a company that you currently own

• Develop into a more effective manager and leader

• Partner with a consulting firm to share your talents and expertise

• Advise others on how to get to the position of leader in their profession

  • Requirements

ECP courses are open to anybody with a desire to learn. To learn with us, no official credentials are needed. Our courses are ideal whether you're looking to expand your skill set, begin a new profession, or are currently employed in a specific sector and want to improve your abilities and strengthen your CV.

  • Curriculum plan

Module 1: Business Preparation - Before You Begin

• Self-assessment. Are you a business owner?

• Market research and analysis of competitors

• Creating, evaluating, and validating your concept

• Financing - determining the viability of your company concept

• Seeking assistance

Module 2: Preparation - Marketing Intro

• Revenue streams and pricing

• Marketing, public relations, and promotion

• Constructing a marketing and sales plan

• Maximize the usage of technology

Module 3: Getting Your Business Started

• The organizational structure of your company

• Company name, trademarks, and intellectual property

• Legislation/regulation/permissions

• Business registration

Module 4: Managing Your Enterprise

• Budgets and cash flow projections

• Accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation

• Bank account for your business and internet banking

• Managing finances

• Insurance

• Premises

• Small company operated from home

• Human resources, motivation, and training

Module 5: Strategic Business Plan

• What exactly is a business strategy and why is it necessary?

• Components of the business strategy and business plan

• Obtain assistance in writing your strategy and business plan

Module 6: Getting Your Business Started

• Developing a strategy for a successful company launch

• Delegation and time management

• Personal growth

• Expanding your professional network

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