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Customer Service

Receive practical, hands-on training in order to work at luxury hotels, restaurants, and the city's trendiest bars ! Total price: € 600 Total time: 70 academic hours Schedule: Weekend birds/according to calendar

Customer Service
Customer Service

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Jõhvi, Jõhvi, Ida-Viru County, Estonia

About the Event

  • About the course

The restaurant business is very competitive. With our Professional Waiter Training course, you can make your CV stand out from the crowd. Receive practical, hands-on training in order to work at luxury hotels, restaurants, and the city's trendiest bars! The waiter job description encompasses more than taking orders and serving dishes, and we'll assist you in mastering every element of your new position. Our courses and video tutorials will teach you how to maximize tips, provide great service, and advance your career. 

  • What you will learn

Assume that this is your first day on the job. What would you want to learn? We'll get you ready for your first shift by providing you with an intensive crash course on customer service, the restaurant business, and the waitering job. If you already have some server experience, this course will teach you many tips and techniques for increasing tips, building client loyalty, and climbing the ranks. This course includes both text-based courses and video instructions and demos!

• Gain an understanding of consumer expectations and how you can surpass them all

• We'll educate you how to deal with tough situations and demanding clients.

• A competent waiter is knowledgeable about their product; you'll learn about meal combinations, ingredients, seasonality, wine and liquor pairings, and even coffee!

• We'll demonstrate how to arrange a table for both family-style eateries and fine dining establishments.

• Acquire the ability to accept orders using proven memory techniques, ensuring that you never miss a single one.

• From a waiter's buddy to a pencil, we'll demonstrate how to simplify your life.

• A waiter is a salesman as well – hone your ability to market your company, cuisine, and yourself

• We'll demonstrate how to impress visitors while increasing your tips and profits.

• You'll learn how to utilize meal ordering systems, point-of-sale systems, mobile applications, and other technologies.

• We'll educate you on basic first aid, as well as health and safety procedures.

  • Requirements

ECP courses are open to anybody with a desire to study. To learn with us, no official credentials are needed. Our courses are ideal whether you're looking to expand your skill set, begin a new profession, or are currently employed in a specific sector and want to improve your abilities and strengthen your CV.

  • Who is this course intended for?

• Anyone entering the restaurant or service business for the first time

• Seasoned wait staff looking to improve their performance, career, or advice

• Applicants to restaurants, pubs, hotels, and cafés

• Newly recruited wait staff interested in preparing for their first shift

• Baristas, bartenders, hostesses, and anybody else working in the hospitality sector looking to expand their skill set

  • Career choice

Following completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Begin your career in the hospitality sector by working as a waiter.

• Become a more effective server

• Assemble your acquired talents and abilities to impress your employers, earning a promotion or increase.

• Increase your tipping percentage

  • Dissection of the Course

Module 1: Results-Oriented Customer Service

• Congratulations on your first day on the job!

• Ten Techniques for Making a Great First Impression

• Top-Notch Professionalism Equals Top-Notch Tips

• 5 Strategies for Increasing Customer Retention

• How to Convince Your Worst Critics – Children

Module 2: A Foodology Masterclass

• A Culinary Dictionary of Terms: From Agar Agar to Ziti

• Allergies, Diets, and Picky Eaters

• All Meats, Cheeses, and Trimmings

• Pastry and Desserts - The Cherry on Top!

• A Culinary Journey Throughout the World

• Simple Wine Pairings For Each Course

• Cocktails and Spirits from the Bar

• Enhance Your Brewing Experience With Coffees and Teas

Module 3: Impress Your Guests With Tableside Service

• Food Safety and Sanitation

• The Ultimate Table Setting Guide

• Trade Instruments - What Do You Carry in Your Apron?

• Memory Techniques for Order Taking

• 7 Effortless Ways to Increase Your Menu's Profitability

• Outstanding Food and Beverage Service

Module 4: Making Tips - Taking Control of Your Paycheck

• "Good" vs. "Great" Service

• Twenty Critical Factors That Impress Every Customer

• Maximizing the Value of Your Personality and Flair

• How to Convert Unsatisfied Guests to Satisfied Guests

• Intelligent Responses to Worst-Case Scenarios

• The Benefits of Weddings and Special Occasions Work

The Ultimate Service Checklist - Increase your tips by 20%!

Module 5: The Restaurant Business Behind The Scenes

• Become Acquainted with Food Ordering Systems and Apps

• Return to the Fundamentals with Traditional Order Systems

• Utilization of Point-of-Sale Systems and Transaction Processing

• Enhance Your Appearance: Personal Style and Grooming

• Collaborative efforts on the floor and in the kitchen

• Multitasking Under Duress - Remain Calm and Keep the Waiter On!

• First and foremost, safety! Responsibilities in Cases of Choking, Burns, and Other Emergencies

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